August 9, 2008

Hellboy (quick sketch)

Here is a quick hellboy sketch that a did one night. My wife brought out our Prisma colour markers (that i haven't used and years) and they where just calling me to use them. So here is the final result, don't know why i chose hellboy but it was fun to get down and dirty with raw materials again, instead of relying on the perfection of computer's undo. Hopefully there will be more sketches like this in the future, i had so much fun and for any of you out there who use the computer, i suggest you bust out your old makers, pencils, crayons...etc and go nuts on a piece of paper.




~Shannon~ said...

Yey Prisma colours!! :) Nice job on this! ...its nice to get away from the computer for sure!

damon said...

nice hellboy

love your stuff

Guayapisco said...