June 7, 2008

Total Drama Island now on Cartoon Netwrok!

Total Drama Island has been picked up by cartoon network!

I was an animation supervisor on TDI. It was my first time supervising on a show and i learned alot from the experience. Overall it was a fun show to work on, but as usual around the end of the season deadlines got tighter and nights got longer but we all made it through it. We're gearing up for Season 2 now!! so hopefully things will run alot smoother this time around.

The animation was done over at Elliott Animation Studios, located in Toronto, Canada.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on the show!



June 4, 2008

Japanese Monster

This weeks topic for Artjumble was Japanese Monsters. So i did a childrens book version of Godzilla. I started off by roughing the character in flash. I cleaned and coloured him and then got rid of all the lines, except for the ones that over lapping ones. The Bg, colouring and texturing where done in photoshop.