January 12, 2009

Total Drama Action!!!

Hey gang, Total Drama Action (2nd season of Total Drama Island) is now being aired at http://www.teletoon.com/ , It's also being aired on Teletoon, on Sundays at 6:30pm. I am currently animating on the show but will soon be Animation Director starting in February. The animators are getting more comfortable with the characters and the new season is looking great!
I'm not sure when Cartoon Network is going to be airing the new season for all you Americans out there, but you can find out more about the show if you to go the TDA blog, http://www.totaldramaisland.blogspot.com/ Also i just read on the blog that Americans can not watch the episodes on teletoon.com due to broadcast regulations. Unfortunetly we can't watch on american websites either...oh well.

Hope you all enjoy!