May 27, 2008

The Black Cat

Ok so here is my very first drawing for my new blog!!!! This weeks topic for ArtJumble was "Luck". So i decided to do bad luck with the Black Cat. She's an awsome looking character and i tried doing a tooned up version of her. I had fun with this illustration and it was my first time inking a finished piece in photoshop. I put a texture on the drawing at the end to hide my poor line quality..hehe.


Ok so this ones for you Greg..hehe. Here is black cat with texture just on the back drop. I think i was getting a rough line because of the brush i was using. If anyone has any settings for a good inking brush in photoshop your knowledge would be much appreciated.

May 22, 2008


Hey everyone, I decided to open up a new blog because i couldn't get my admin rights for my previous blog. I wanted to update links and stuff like that but just couldn't. Unlike the other site this will be strictly my site, and my wife shannon will have her own blog too. So sit back relax and enjoy the illustrations to come.