August 14, 2008

Dream Catchers 1st page!!!!

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of posts for the past few months. I have been asked to be apart of an Anthology called Cake, i have a link to it in my links section. Basically i've been working on my storey and trying to get solid designs. After a mishap to my place the project kind of got put on hold, but lately things have been calming down and i'm hoping i can crank out quality work and make the deadline. Anyways my Project is called "Dream Catchers" . If you want to find out more about the storey your gonna have to wait till the book comes out..hehe
anways here is the first page complete!!




Eric Z said...

Good start I love the bottom panel anda fx especially. can't wait till it's all done...on yer end and mine!

Anonymous said...

Wow - this looks very 'misterious' - hahaha Can't wait to see the rest (remember to order a copy for us!!)
love mom /Sheila

~Shannon~ said...

Lookin good babe,keep it up, can't wait to see the whole thing!!!

craig wilson said...

That's pretty rocking, man. (Sp's your Hellboy picture; I saw it on an AJ comment and had to drop by for a better look.)

CAKE 2's gonna rock!!

jason quinones said...

great looking work so far man!
saw it and commented at the forum as well. thanks to you i realized i was doing my art AT THE WRONG SIZE!! my panel borders went up to the outermost black line! i have since revised most of my pages and work has been slow going and kinda stressful. i usually like to take my time with art as me and deadlines are bitter enemies. haha!

Anonymous said...

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