June 20, 2009

My first Tattoo!!!!

Hello, i recently got my first tattoo!!!! i've been wanting one for awhile and finally created a design that i really liked. Below is the drawing of what i got on my left shoulder, i will post the real tattoo once its all healed up. Most people ask what the meaning is behind the tattoo, so to save everyone time, here it is. I got a Bear paw on my left arm because i'm left handed, and a term for left handers is "South Paw" so that's why i chose a paw, the palm of the bear paw is an artist palette because it's my drawing arm. I chose a bear's paw because bears are strong and my strength is drawing.......... and there paw design is really neat....lol.

Hope you all like!



Josh Frost said...

Very nice Dipesh!

Jansen David said...

cool design...i'm a fellow southpaw too!

Gulzar said...

Wonderful work you have here...and great to knw the gig you working on now!

Keep it rolling!
By your name I assume you are an Indian from India?

Keep well!

craig wilson said...


Been a while, man. The stuff's looking great!

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