November 14, 2012

Bumble Bee

A little drawing of my daughter in her bumble bee costume.

September 23, 2011

Hansel & Gretal

After doing the sketch just of Hansel, i thought i'd take it a bit further and design a whole scene.



September 19, 2011

September 16, 2011

September 15, 2011

Lego Knights Kingdom pitch

So the idea of this board was to pan across a stain glass window of a knight. as we pan we cross dissolve to armor being made.

As the steam settles we cut in on the stain glass knight. his eye opens wide and the stain glass figures begins to move.
He antics up and the real knight comes crashing though the glass. His sword flies back and becomes apart of the logo.

I've Also added a few other concepts for the pitch. This project was going to be for a 3d series. it never went through but i still had a lot of fun.



September 14, 2011

Character Concept

Here is a character I've been playing around for awhile. It's for a comic book idea i have, if you scroll down my blog you'll see panels from the comic. I'm still flushing things out, but it would be nice to eventually get final story down on paper.

September 13, 2011

Thor rough sketch

Here is a rough sketch of Thor. After watching the movie i was inspired to do a design of him. I'm hoping to have him cleaned and coloured soon.


Jimmy 2 Shoes Music video

Hey Everyone, here is a jimmy 2 shoes music video i worked on. I was the animation director on the project.



May 13, 2011

Mothers Day

Here is a drawing i did for my lovely wife on her pre Mothers day. We're expecting baby Mistry to be coming on July 16th.

I did this all in photoshop with my cintiq. I have to say, cinitq's are well worth the purchase if you can afford it.

take care,


September 27, 2010

Wicked Birthday!

Here is a Birthday card i made for my Wife. We'll be seeing the play Wicked, should be fun!

December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Wow!!! it's been a long time since i last posted. If anyone is still out there, here is my Christmas card for this year. It features me, my wife and our two cats looking out the window on a cold snowy night.

Hope you like!!!


June 20, 2009

My first Tattoo!!!!

Hello, i recently got my first tattoo!!!! i've been wanting one for awhile and finally created a design that i really liked. Below is the drawing of what i got on my left shoulder, i will post the real tattoo once its all healed up. Most people ask what the meaning is behind the tattoo, so to save everyone time, here it is. I got a Bear paw on my left arm because i'm left handed, and a term for left handers is "South Paw" so that's why i chose a paw, the palm of the bear paw is an artist palette because it's my drawing arm. I chose a bear's paw because bears are strong and my strength is drawing.......... and there paw design is really

Hope you all like!


May 13, 2009

Hawbear goes camping

This is the 2nd book in the series. "Hawbear goes camping". Written by my mother in-law Sheila McDermid, and illustrated by my wife Shannon Mistry. It's a great book with awsome illustrations.

Please stop by there blog to check out some illustrations and info on the two books.

Also check out my wife's blog

Congrats on the book!


April 24, 2009

Darth Vader

Here is a Darth Vader illustration for Josh Frost's book "100 Ways to the Dark Side." I had a lot of fun with this, and am happy with the way it turned out.

Hope you all like,


April 21, 2009

Kitty Love!

This sketch was done for my wife Shannon. It's a drawing of her as a kid holding our cat Sketch. I'll be doing another one of me with our other cat Jinx. Both will be printed on water colour paper, framed and put into our washroom. The walls are bear and desperately need some art up there.



March 12, 2009

Silk Spectre!!!!

Ok, so she's done and i'm happy to say i like the way it turned out. This one was a fun one to do.

Hope you all like!


March 11, 2009

Silk Spectre WIP

So Artjumble decided to extend the "WATCHMEN" theme for one more week, which is great because i know there is a few of us who would like to take a crack at another character. This week i am doing Silk Spectre (the movie version). If i have time i might take the pose and put her in her comic costume as well.... we'll see. Anyways here are two rough drawings done in photohshop, not sure which pose i will use but i'm leaning towards the pointing pose. Looks more interesting.

Hope ya like,


March 8, 2009


This weeks topic for Art Jumble was WATCHMEN. So i thought i'd do an animated version of Dr. manattan. Tried to do a batman brave and the bold kind of look. really digging those designs.



February 14, 2009

Night Crawler

Got my Night Crawler done just in time for Valentines day. This was an Art Jumble/Valentines card for my wife..hehe.

Kill two birds with one stone.



February 12, 2009

Night Crawler WIP

Long time no post! seems like i say that every post these days..hehe. Anyways here is a work in progress of Night Crawler which i am doing for this weeks Art Jumble topic...X-Men. I wanted to do the whole crew but don't have enough time these days, so i decided to do a character i haven't drawn yet. Once i get him all cleaned up, i will throw some colour and his famous teleportation smoke.



January 12, 2009

Total Drama Action!!!

Hey gang, Total Drama Action (2nd season of Total Drama Island) is now being aired at , It's also being aired on Teletoon, on Sundays at 6:30pm. I am currently animating on the show but will soon be Animation Director starting in February. The animators are getting more comfortable with the characters and the new season is looking great!
I'm not sure when Cartoon Network is going to be airing the new season for all you Americans out there, but you can find out more about the show if you to go the TDA blog, Also i just read on the blog that Americans can not watch the episodes on due to broadcast regulations. Unfortunetly we can't watch on american websites either...oh well.

Hope you all enjoy!


December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Here is what i came up with for this years christmas card, it's our two cats jumping out a gift. My wife helped with the final colours of the bg and lettering.

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!!!


December 5, 2008

Princess Liea Coloured!

Work was a bit slow today, so i decided to paint up Liea in photoshop. Took me roughly 6 hours to paint...Yikes!!! i defenetly have to find a faster methoed, but it's also to my timidness when painting. I'm sure i'll get faster the more comfortable i get. I'm not 100% happy with the way i coloured her hair but it's much better then my past attempts.



December 3, 2008

Princess Liea

Wow!!!! long time no post, not sure if anyone still stops by, but here goes anyway.

This weeks topic for Art Jumble was Princess Liea. I decided to do a cartoony version, not going for likeness, but just to capture the character. Not sure why i made her grumpy looking, it's probably because half the movies she's yelling at Han Solo. Anyways hope you all enjoy!!!



September 1, 2008

Page 3

Ok so here is the last page of my Cake V2 storey, that i will be showing. The rest you'll just have to wait and see,



August 26, 2008

Page 2

Here is page 2 of the storey i'm doing, i thought i'd share this page just so everyone had a chance to see what my main characters look like. After this i'll probably post one more page, and then the rest will have to be seen in Cake Vol.2



August 14, 2008

Dream Catchers 1st page!!!!

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of posts for the past few months. I have been asked to be apart of an Anthology called Cake, i have a link to it in my links section. Basically i've been working on my storey and trying to get solid designs. After a mishap to my place the project kind of got put on hold, but lately things have been calming down and i'm hoping i can crank out quality work and make the deadline. Anyways my Project is called "Dream Catchers" . If you want to find out more about the storey your gonna have to wait till the book comes out..hehe
anways here is the first page complete!!



August 9, 2008

Hellboy (quick sketch)

Here is a quick hellboy sketch that a did one night. My wife brought out our Prisma colour markers (that i haven't used and years) and they where just calling me to use them. So here is the final result, don't know why i chose hellboy but it was fun to get down and dirty with raw materials again, instead of relying on the perfection of computer's undo. Hopefully there will be more sketches like this in the future, i had so much fun and for any of you out there who use the computer, i suggest you bust out your old makers, pencils, crayons...etc and go nuts on a piece of paper.



August 7, 2008

New Art Jumble topic

This weeks topic for art jumble was to draw yourself as a kid. Well a few years ago i did this valentine for my wife and i happen to just draw us as kids.



July 16, 2008

Brunette Beauty

Here is another version of the Baywatch girl. I couldn't help myself i had to make her into a brunette, seeing how my wife is a brunette..hehe. i think it works alot better.


July 14, 2008

Baywatch Beauty

woohooo!!! i finally got a chance to do another AJ's be awhile. The topic was Blondes so i dicided to do a baywatch pin up girl.

Hope you all like!


July 3, 2008

Drawings from Old Blog

Do to the lack of drawing lately, i have decided to throw up some drawings from my old blog, for those of you who didn't get a chance to see my old stuff. I know it's cheap, but ti's been a very busy couple months and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down till august...sigh. Anyways hope you all enjoy, and i promise to get some new drawings up next week.



June 7, 2008

Total Drama Island now on Cartoon Netwrok!

Total Drama Island has been picked up by cartoon network!

I was an animation supervisor on TDI. It was my first time supervising on a show and i learned alot from the experience. Overall it was a fun show to work on, but as usual around the end of the season deadlines got tighter and nights got longer but we all made it through it. We're gearing up for Season 2 now!! so hopefully things will run alot smoother this time around.

The animation was done over at Elliott Animation Studios, located in Toronto, Canada.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on the show!



June 4, 2008

Japanese Monster

This weeks topic for Artjumble was Japanese Monsters. So i did a childrens book version of Godzilla. I started off by roughing the character in flash. I cleaned and coloured him and then got rid of all the lines, except for the ones that over lapping ones. The Bg, colouring and texturing where done in photoshop.



May 27, 2008

The Black Cat

Ok so here is my very first drawing for my new blog!!!! This weeks topic for ArtJumble was "Luck". So i decided to do bad luck with the Black Cat. She's an awsome looking character and i tried doing a tooned up version of her. I had fun with this illustration and it was my first time inking a finished piece in photoshop. I put a texture on the drawing at the end to hide my poor line quality..hehe.


Ok so this ones for you Greg..hehe. Here is black cat with texture just on the back drop. I think i was getting a rough line because of the brush i was using. If anyone has any settings for a good inking brush in photoshop your knowledge would be much appreciated.

May 22, 2008


Hey everyone, I decided to open up a new blog because i couldn't get my admin rights for my previous blog. I wanted to update links and stuff like that but just couldn't. Unlike the other site this will be strictly my site, and my wife shannon will have her own blog too. So sit back relax and enjoy the illustrations to come.